Thursday, August 2, 2007

Spiritual Sedona

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Sedona is a small town in Arizona surrounded by massive red rocks and canyons. One of the town's main draws is that some people consider it to be a sacred place full of positive energy with the potential to inspire and heal. Skeptics call the whole scene there ridiculous and for the terminally lost. I found it beautiful and centering. There is a seemingly endless number of hikes to take and the town has several art galleries and great places to unwind while taking in amazing views.

We didn't have that much time to properly explore Sedona, but we did manage to hike Cathedral Rock. The views are breathtaking and the hike is a good time, assuming you start early like we did before the sun really comes baring down on the rocks. Once we reached the top, the rock flattened out so we continued left. We found a small pocket and hiked up to the top. That's where I took this photograph.

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Kaveh said...

I love the sense of depth in the top one. This belongs in a museum!! Haha